Divya Himachal tv

Divya Himachal TV is a popular Hindi news channel in India. It is owned by the Divya Himachal Group, which is a leading media organization in Himachal Pradesh. The channel was launched in 2009, and since then, it has become a trusted source of news and information for the people of the state.

Divya Himachal TV covers a wide range of topics, including politics, sports, entertainment, and social issues. The channel is known for its unbiased reporting and in-depth analysis of the news. It provides its viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the events that shape their lives.

One of the unique features of Divya Himachal TV is its focus on regional news. The channel covers the news and events of Himachal Pradesh extensively, ensuring that its viewers are well-informed about the happenings in their state. This is particularly important for people living in remote areas of the state who may not have access to national news channels.

The channel also has a strong online presence, with a website and social media accounts that keep its viewers updated on the latest news and developments. Its website provides a platform for citizen journalists to share their stories, ensuring that the voices of the people are heard.

Divya Himachal TV has won several awards for its journalistic excellence, including the Indian Television Academy Award for Best Regional News Channel in 2018. This is a testament to the channel’s commitment to providing accurate, reliable, and timely news to its viewers.

In conclusion, Divya Himachal TV is an important source of news and information for the people of Himachal Pradesh. Its focus on regional news, unbiased reporting, and online presence make it a trusted source of information for viewers across the state. With its commitment to journalistic excellence, Divya Himachal TV is sure to continue informing and empowering the people of Himachal Pradesh for years to come.

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