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Pikashow apk --fre download

Now you can watch premium TV Shows, Movies, Live Cricket like IPL, News absolutely free with pikashow apk, today we will tell you what is pikashow apk and how to download pikashow apk . If you also want to download pikashow app, then read this article till the end.Pikashow APK is a popular streaming app that provides a large collection of free movies, TV shows, and live sports. It has become a go-to app for entertainment enthusiasts looking for an alternative to traditional cable or satellite TV due to its user-friendly interface and high-quality streaming.and in this blog we expalin you how to pikashow apk — free download .


Pikashow New Update V84 Apk (17 MB)

PIKASHOW APK V10.8.2 (16.4 MB)

What is pikashow apk ?

pikashow apk is a very famous app that gives you the opportunity to watch a lot of movies, TV shows and live sports for free. The user interface of pikashow apk is very friendly, you can use pikashow app very easily. In pikashow apk, you will find many TV shows, movies and live sports on the home page itself and the user can search all shows and movies by clicking on the search button. pikashow apk is updated from time to time so that the user gets to see the best new every time in pikashow apk.

pikashow apk is absolutely free and this is its biggest feature, in this you do not need any subscription.

Pikashow apk  is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Android smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and streaming devices. It can be easily downloaded and installed on any device running Android 5.0 or higher, ensuring that users can access the content on their preferred device without any compatibility issues.

NamePikashow apk
CategoryApps & Entertainment
DeveloperPikashow apk
TypeStreaming app
Size16 mb
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and up
Downloads6 million +
CompatibilityAndroid devices running Android 5.0 or higher, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and streaming devices


Easy Access to Free Movies and TV Shows : pikashow apk provides you all different types of movies, tv shows from all over the world.Pikashow APK is an app that allows users to easily access a wide range of movies and TV shows from all over the world. Users can quickly find the content they want to watch thanks to the intuitive interface and simple navigation. The app is free to download from the internet, making it a viable option for anyone looking to watch movies and TV shows without having to pay.

Free of cost:pikashow apk is absolutely free, you can watch all TV shows, movies, live sports in your mobile, laptop, and TV, that too absolutely free.Pikashow APK is a free streaming service that offers a diverse selection of movies, TV shows, and live TV channels. The app’s simplicity and low cost make it a viable option for anyone looking to consume their favourite content. While there are risks to using free streaming services, Pikashow APK provides a dependable and secure solution for your entertainment needs.

Live Sports Streaming: Keeping up with the latest games and matches can be difficult for sports fans, especially if you don’t have access to cable TV or live sports channels. Pikashow APK is a free streaming service that provides live sports coverage from around the world.
Users can watch live sports events on their mobile devices or smart TVs using the Pikashow APK. One of the most significant advantages of using Pikashow APK for live sports streaming is its low cost. Unlike other streaming services that require a subscription, the app is completely free.

User -friendly interface:The Pikashow apk interface is planned to be intuitive and simple to use, even for those who are not good with technology. The home screen includes various categories, such as films, Tv series, sports channels, and more, making it simple for users to find the content they wish. Users can also use the search bar to look for specific titles, making it even easier to find their favourite movies or TV shows.

High quality streaming pikashow apk provides high-quality streaming of movies, TV shows, and live sporting events. Several different resolutions available, including 720p, 1080p, and even 4K. This means that users will be able to watch their favourite movies and shows in fantastic detail and clarity.

Regular or timely updates: Pikashow apk is usually updated with new features and bug fixes, ensuring that users have access to the most up-to-date technology. The updates also aim to improve the overall streaming experience by improving the app’s performance, user interface, and content library.

Why we choose Pikashow Apk

Pikashow APK is a completely free streaming service that provides access to movies and TV shows.Pikashow APK offers live sports streaming of your favourite sporting events.
Pikashow apk has a User-friendly interface – Pikashow apk is simple to use and accessible to all users.
High-quality streaming enables you to watch movies and TV shows in stunning detail and clarity.
Regular updates – Pikashow apk is updated on a regular basis with new features and content.

Customizable subtitle settings – Select from a variety of languages and font sizes. To improve the audio experience, choose between surround sound and stereo.
Large content library – Watch movies, TV shows, and watch live sports events.
Optimized for low bandwidth – Pikashow apk is optimised for low bandwidth, ensuring smooth streaming.

Download for offline viewing – Users can save content to watch later.Chromecast support – Use Chromecast to stream content from Pikashow APK to your TV.
Support for multiple devices – Pikashow apk can be used on a variety of devices, including phones, tablets, and smart TVs.

Search function – Use the app’s search function to quickly find movies and TV shows.
Notifications – Get alerts when new content is added to the app.
User reviews – Read user reviews to get an idea of the content’s quality.
In-app player – Pikashow  app has its own player, allowing you to watch content without having to switch apps.

There is no need for users to register or create an account in order to use the app.
Fast streaming – The advanced technology in the app ensures fast streaming speeds.
Compatibility with various operating systems – Pikashow APK is compatible with a variety of operating systems.


  • Click on the link of the Download Now button at the top.
  • Then the downloading will start and when the apk is downloaded
  • Go to the three dots in your browser or where the downloaded picasho apk file is saved.
  • There you will see the pikashow apk file. Now you have to click on the apk file and allow it to install on your device. You may need to enable the option to install apps from unknown sources on your smart phone.
  • Then the picasho apk success will be completely installed on your android smart phone


You can use the following methods to watch Pikashow app on TV:

1.Screen Mirroring: If your TV supports screen mirroring, you can mirror the screen of your phone or tablet to it. First, make sure your phone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, on your phone, enable screen mirroring and connect to your TV. The Pikashow app should be visible on your TV.

2.Chromecast: You can use a Chromecast device to stream the Pikashow app to your television. Connect the Chromecast to your TV first, and make sure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. Then, on your phone or tablet, open the Pikashow app and tap on the Chromecast icon. Select your Chromecast device, and the video should begin to play on your TV.

3.HDMI Cable: If your TV has an HDMI port, you can use an HDMI cable to connect your phone or tablet to it. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to your phone or tablet and the other to your television. You should be able to see the Pikashow app on your TV after switching it to the appropriate HDMI input.

IMPORTANT NOTE: that some TVs may not support screen mirroring or Chromecast, so make sure your TV is compatible before attempting these methods.


You can download an older version of Pikashow by following these steps:

1.Go to search bar of our website

2.Search for Pikashow APK.

3.Look for a Pikashow version that you want to download.

4.Select the version you want to download by clicking the download button.

4.Allow installation of apps from unknown sources before installing the APK. To do so, go to Settings, Security, and then enable “Unknown sources” on your device.

5.Now, navigate to the location where you stored the Pikashow APK file and double-click it to begin the installation.

6.To finish the installation, follow the instructions on the screen.

7.After installing, you can launch the older version of the Pikashow app and begin using it.

Important note :To avoid downloading malware or harmful files, only download APK files from reputable sources. Also, keep in mind that older app versions may lack the most recent features or security updates.


The following are the steps for installing the Pikashow app on Windows using an Android emulator:

1.Install an Android emulator on your Windows PC, such as Bluestacks, Nox Player, or Memu Player.

2.Open the emulator and sign in with your Google account.

3.Get the Pikashow APK file from a reputable source.

4.Drag the APK file onto the emulator.

5.The APK file will be installed automatically by the emulator.

6.Once installed, you can use the emulator to launch the Pikashow app and begin streaming your favourite movies and TV shows.

Important note:It’s important to remember that using third-party APK files or Android emulators can pose security risks. When downloading and installing software, always use reputable sources and exercise caution.

Common download and installation problems are explained.

If you’re having trouble downloading or installing Pikashow APK, try these troubleshooting steps:

1.Examine your internet connection: Before downloading or installing the APK file, make sure you have a stable internet connection. Incomplete downloads and installation failures can result from poor connectivity.

2.Free up storage space: Make sure your device has enough storage space to accommodate the APK file. If your device’s storage is low, you may encounter errors during the download or installation process.

3.Because the Pikashow APK is not available on the Google Play Store, you must enable installation from untrusted sources in your settings app to install the app. To enable installation from unknown sources, go to “Settings” > “Security” > “Unknown sources,” and toggle the switch.

4.Download from a reputable source: Ensure that you download Pikashow APK from a reputable source to avoid downloading a compromised or infected file. Some websites or app stores may host fake or modified versions of the app that can harm your device.

5.Clear cache and data: You can resolve download and installation issues by clearing the cache and data of the Google Play Store or the browser you’re using to download the APK file.

6.Restart your device: Restarting your device can sometimes help resolve download and installation issues.

7.Try a different version of Pikashow APK: If you’re having trouble with a particular version of the APK file, try downloading and installing a different version.

Alternatives to Pikashow APK

Showbox: Showbox is a popular streaming app with a large library of movies and TV shows. It is completely free and allows users to save content for offline viewing.

Cinema HD: Another free streaming app with a large selection of movies and TV shows is Cinema HD. It allows users to download content for offline viewing and supports high-quality video streaming.

Popcorn Time: Popcorn Time is a free streaming app that streams movies and TV shows via the BitTorrent protocol. It has a large content library and supports high-quality video streaming.

CyberFlix TV: CyberFlix TV is a streaming app that offers a diverse selection of movies and television shows. It has an easy-to-use interface and can stream high-quality video.

TeaTV: TeaTV is a free streaming app with a large library of movies and TV shows. It allows users to download content for offline viewing and supports high-quality video streaming.

In comparison to other streaming apps

Showbox :Showbox and Pikashow have similar features, such as a large library of movies and TV shows and support for high-quality video streaming. However, Showbox has been plagued by legal issues, and its availability in some regions is restricted.

Cinema HD :Cinema HD and Pikashow both offer a large selection of movies and TV shows, as well as high-quality video streaming and the ability to download content for offline viewing. Cinema HD, on the other hand, is not available on the Google Play Store and requires users to obtain the APK file from a third-party source.

Popcorn Time :Popcorn Time and Pikashow use BitTorrent protocol to provide access to movies and TV shows, which is similar to Popcorn Time. Popcorn Time, on the other hand, is not available on the Google Play Store and has been plagued by legal issues.

CyberFlix TV :CyberFlix TV and Pikashow both have a large selection of movies and TV shows and support high-quality video streaming. CyberFlix TV, on the other hand, is not available on the Google Play Store and requires users to obtain the APK file from a third-party source.

TeaTV: Both TeaTV and Pikashow have a large library of movies and TV shows, allow additional video streaming, and allow users to save content for offline viewing. TeaTV, on the other hand, is not accessible via the Google Play Store and users must obtain the APK file from a third-party source.

Legal and security concerns about Pikashow apk

Pikashow APK and other third-party streaming apps raise a number of legal and security concerns. Among these concerns are:

Copyright infringement: Pikashow APK allows users to view protected movies and TV shows without the content owners’ permission. This is copyright infringement, and users may face legal consequences.

Malware and viruses: Because Pikashow APK is not available on official app stores, users may download compromised or infected APK files. These files could contain malware or viruses that could damage their devices or steal their personal information.

Data privacy: Some third-party streaming apps may collect and use personal data from users without their knowledge. Sensitive data such as browsing history, location, and device identifiers are included.

Unstable performance:Third-party streaming apps may not be optimised for all devices, resulting in unstable performance and crashes. This can be inconvenient for users who want a smooth streaming experience.

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