Shubham Baisla vs Shivam Malik Controversy

Hello friends, how are you all, you all know about the controversy between Shubham Baisla and Shivam Malik, as you all know, Shivam Malik had posted a new recent post on his Instagram page, in which he told that in America A drug is being used by which common youth and students are converting into zombies by using it and their condition is becoming zombie-like. Hearing this statement, Shubham Baisla made a very clear statement that this is all a lie. This Shivam Malik lies the most and gives fake news, he is giving a lot of fake news to the incoming person and is destroying the economic system of the country.

Shubham Baisla claiming that Shivam Malik is fake

In this Screenshort given below, you can see what Shubham Baisla has said about Shivam Malik.

Shubham Baisla is a businessman from Chandnichowk, very big business. Shivam Malik, you all know that on instagram, there is acupressure that tells about the news and economic condition of the country. From and Shubhm Baisla is the same well-known business man who accused Shivam Malik that he lies a lot and gives fake news. Shubham Baisla vs Shivam Malik Controversy

In your opinion what would you like to say is Shubham Baisla right or Shivam Malik Shubham Baisla vs Shivam Malik Controversy

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