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bgmi unban  date 2023

So hello friends how are you as you know krafton has officially confirmed that bgmi will be unbanned this year and 

said " We are expecting that BGMI will be unbanned this year,the service suspension will be re solved and if is unbanned, we are again expecting great growth".

After this, many people are saying that it was said in the first March, now the whole year has passed, so friends, after this announcement, many big streamers are saying that

you should shift to pubg new state because they think that BGMI will not be unbanned. So today we will tell you whether bmgi will be unban or not and many more things.

So friends first let's talk till when bgmi will be unbanned then tell you as big streamers are saying that bgmi will be unbanned till march.

So it is certain that bgmi will be unbanned and till this year people will be able to play it,

it, we will not tell its full date yet, but it has been confirmed by krafton that it will come till this year, if you are also a lover of bgmi. Share this block post as much as possible