Structures evened out. Homes submerged. Stronghold Myers Ocean side 'is pursued' Tropical storm Ian harm.

Post MYERS, Fla. — Happiness McCormack remained across the street from a stretch of manufactured homes, condos, and townhouses now totally shrouded in knee-profound rising waters.

She watched her neighbors swim to and from their homes, wanting to rescue something from the destruction

She thought about how her home in the close by Iona Farm manufactured house had fared after Storm Ian, yet realized the annihilation probably accepted it also.

"I think mine will be a complete misfortune," McCormack said. "It's the possibly house I have and on the off chance that it's gone… "

For Mitch Stough and his sibling Mike, Stronghold Myers Ocean side was their business. Presently, it's been totally annihilated.

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Post Myers Ocean side, alongside Lee Area's other hindrance islands, took the brunt of Tropical storm Ian's attack on Florida's shoreline.

The tempest, a Class 4 when it made landfall, sent 150 mph winds and a transcending storm flood tearing through the town's middle.

Fort Myers, boasting a population of more than 92,000, is a popular city for tourists and spring breakers.

The close by little seaside town of Stronghold Myers Ocean side, loaded up with ocean side bars and lodgings and resorts, sits on thin Estero Island, making it more powerless as Ian beat the locale