Interesting fact about electric cars

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The first electric vehicle was made in 1832.

An EV would cost just $1 in energy to venture to every part of similar distance as a gallon of gas, which as of now midpoints $3.04.

A Tesla Roadster is quicker than most games vehicles, with a speed increase speed of 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds. 

Almost around 50% of the EVs on the planet are in China.

Generally 96% of EV proprietors would purchase or rent another.

EVs are more productive. Up to 80 percent of the battery energy drives the vehicle, contrasted with 14% to 26% of the energy from a gas controlled vehicle.

Around 57% of buyers keep away from EVs since they stress over running out of charge however just 5% of proprietors have run out.

Electric vehicle registrations have grown by 2400% since 2013